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Alphabet International announces new Head of Marketing and Business Development

Alphabet International announces new Head of Marketing and Business Development

MUNICH 23/01/2014 — As of 1st January, 2014, Carsten Kwirandt is the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Alphabet International. Prior to taking up his new role, Mr. Kwirandt was Head of Alphabet’s eMobility Fleet Business Project. As such, he successfully planned and oversaw the 2013 international roll-out of advanced Business Mobility solution AlphaElectric.

By bringing in Mr. Kwirandt’s expertise, Alphabet reinforces its strategy as a provider of Business Mobility solutions that respond to future as well as current customer demands. In light of that, Alphabet’s development and implementation of innovative concepts, such as AlphaElectric and Corporate CarSharing solution AlphaCity, will gain importance.

“Operating leases are our core business but nowadays leasing alone is not sufficient in meeting the mobility needs of our customers,” explains the new appointee. “With our holistic Business Mobility approach, we can already offer products today that fulfil the mobility requirements of tomorrow. AlphaCity and AlphaElectric are just two of those products.”

Kwirandt continues, “Increasingly, the fulfilment of specific customer demands through comprehensive fleet consulting and flexible, tailor-made product offers are decisive success factors in our industry. In this context, transparency, sustainability, cost-efficiency and user-friendliness are always our first priority.”

Since his arrival at BMW Group in 2001, Carsten Kwirandt has managed several executive roles including In-house Consultant for Organisational Development and Marketing and Area Manager for BMW Group Used-Car Strategy. Following graduation with a Masters in International Cultural and Business Studies, he spent several years as a senior consultant at Accenture. In his latest role, Carsten Kwirandt replaces Dr. Nancy Storp who has taken up a new position within BMW Group.


About Alphabet

Alphabet is a leading provider of Business Mobility in Europe. As such, it enables companies to manage their corporate mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group, Alphabet has gathered extensive knowledge of international fleet management and leasing. Its comprehensive portfolio includes consulting and funding as well as smart management products and services for company fleets. Alphabet’s Business Mobility solutions are tailor-made to meet specific corporate requirements. Today, Alphabet has more than 536,000 cars of all makes under management and is ranked fourth in the market. Applying its expertise and technology, Alphabet also pioneers the creation of Advanced Mobility Solutions: AlphaElectric offers companies comprehensive eMobility, while AlphaCity is a cost-effective Corporate CarSharing option. Alphabet has its headquarters in Munich, Germany and is represented in 19 countries. For more information, please visit