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Alphabet expands Business Mobility perspective

Leading player presents comprehensive approach to current and future challenges

MUNICH 01/10/2012 – Having acquired ING Car Lease a year ago, Alphabet is now taking the concept of Business Mobility even further. “Our approach is the result of years of experience, permanent innovation and a resolute development of the company,” states Norbert van den Eijnden, CEO Alphabet International. “To provide answers to future challenges, you need to go beyond current solutions,” he adds.

“Our perspective on Business Mobility takes into account additional areas and services and focuses on easy-to-use offerings for companies’ and their staff’s mobility. In doing so, our solutions rest on the three pillars that are intelligence, innovation, and sustainability,” says Ed Frederiks, CEO Alphabet International.

Business Mobility is intelligent.

Business Mobility is about using intelligent solutions to ensure lean and seamless processes. This includes smartphone apps helping drivers to plan servicing and tyre changes. Also, these apps allow users to call assistance or rescuers in an emergency. Innovative technology such as telematics and software control make administration and billing processes easy and transparent, allowing intelligent offerings such as Corporate CarSharing to be implemented simply and comfortably – both for mobility managers and users.

Business Mobility is moving ahead.

Today, mobility for enterprises and their staff is no longer merely about company cars and their financing. It is about providing a wide range of options for going from A to B, optimising the total cost of mobility through new, flexible schemes such as Corporate CarSharing.

Business Mobility is sustainable.

Managing transportation intelligently offers a double benefit: Besides avoiding unnecessary environmental impact it also saves money. To do this, modern concepts combine different offerings and solutions to permit sustainable transport. Specifically, this includes reducing fleet fuel consumption and emissions via downsizing and the use of modern and efficient vehicles. Eco-driving trainings teach staff how to respect the environment while driving, providing increased sustainability and reducing both fuel costs and taxes. A further step is the integration of environment-friendly technologies such as start-stop systems and also hybrid and electric vehicles.

By acquiring ING Car Lease in September last year, Alphabet has become one of the leading providers of fleet management and business mobility. The company now manages more than 490,000 cars. The acquisition of ING Car Lease was also in line with BMW Group’s premier strategy. Under this strategy, BMW Group aspires to become the number one automotive and mobility services provider worldwide.


About Alphabet

Alphabet is a provider of Business Mobility in Europe. As such it helps companies to manage their corporate mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Founded in 1997 as a fleet management division of BMW Group, Alphabet has gathered extensive knowledge in fleet management and leasing. Based on this know-how the company creates innovative and flexible Business Mobility solutions that fit customers’ needs. One example is the Corporate CarSharing scheme AlphaCity. Alphabet has more than 490,000 cars of all makes under contract and is ranked fourth in the market. It offers a wide range of products and services including consulting, financing and car-related services, as well as comprehensive management programmes for corporate fleets. Alphabet has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and is represented in 19 countries.