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Fleet Handbook Switzerland

  • Full Operational Lease
  • Operating Lease
  • Financial Lease
  • Fleet Management
  • Sale and Leaseback
  • Motivational Lease (AlphaDrive)
  • AlphaElectric
  • AlphaGuide
  • LCV

Service, maintenance and repairs, tyre management, insurance, accident management, roadside assistance, replacement vehicle, pre-contract vehicles, daily rentals, national fees and taxes, vehicle-related fees, fuel management, fleet consultancy, reporting.

Term and mileage for Operating Lease
  • Minimum: 12 months
  • Maximum: 160.000 km in total

The title of a vehicle remains with the leasing company.
Generally, the lessee keeps the vehicle registration certificates.
The lessee’s registered office must be based in Switzerland. The delivering dealership handles the logistics of registering the vehicle.

Transfer of title

Normally the vehicle is registered under the customers name even though Alphabet is the legal owner of the vehicle.

Required documentation

In general the supplying dealer handles the registration process. The dealer requires the authorisation from Alphabet and the proof of insurance to register the vehicle.

Time frame

Cars are usually registered approximately 24 hours prior to delivery.

VAT rate

The current VAT rate is 7,7%.

Other vehicle-related taxes and fees
  • Road tax
    Road tax is an annual obligatory tax allowing the vehicle to drive on Swiss roads. The cost of road tax depends on the canton (region) in which the vehicle is registered.
  • Motorway tax (vignette)
    The vignette is a highway tax that allows the vehicle to drive on Swiss highways and currently costs CHF 40,00 per year.
  • Number plates
    A one-time fee for issuing number plates is levied when registering a new vehicle. The cost depends on the canton in which the vehicle is registered. In Zurich, current costs amount to CHF 50,00.
  • Registration documents
    A one-off fee is levied for issuing registration documents for a new vehicle. The cost depends on the canton in which the vehicle is registered. In Zurich, the current cost is CHF 40,00.
Tax refund and accounting

Customers who are eligible to reclaim VAT can recover 100% of the VAT on the total monthly rental. However, VAT on insurance payments and road tax is not refundable.


Taxes are calculated on two levels: on a federal and on a cantonal one. Federal taxes are calculated on a constant way. The cantonal calculations differ slightly from canton to canton in Switzerland, depending on the place of recidence. To establish the amount of company car tax due, the following method is used since 2016:

  • The private usage and subsequent company car tax is calculated by taking CHF 0,7 per kilometer driven for commuting. The maximum tax reduction for commuting on federal taxes is CHF 3.000,00


    Daily commuting distance: 100km
    Working days / year: 240
    Costs / km CHF 0,7
    100 x 240 x CHF 0,7 = CHF 16.800,00
    - max. tax reduction CHF 3.000,00
    Final declared value: CHF 13.800,00
  • On cantonal level the negotiation about the new taxation format is in most of the cantons stillongoing.

Monthly lease payments are treated as operating expenses and accounted for in the profit and loss account.


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