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Fleet Handbook Spain

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  • Full Operational lease of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and BMW motorbikes
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Term and mileage for Operating Lease


  • Minimum: 1 day / 20.000 km per annum
  • Maximum: 24 months / 50.000 km per annum

Standard Operational Lease

  • Minimum: 24 months / 10.000 km per annum
  • Maximum: 72 months / 200.000 km per annum

The leasing company owns operational lease vehicles.
Cars must be registered with the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). The owner must pay the registration tax, fees and first year’s road tax. Once registration requirements have been fulfilled, the registration plates are issued. The registration certificate is issued in the name of the car’s legal owner (i.e. the leasing company).

Transfer of title

A car originally registered abroad must be re-registered in Spain if it is to be used primarily in that country. The lessor, who will become the new legal owner of the car, is responsible for registration.

Required documentation

No customer documents are required, as the car is in Alphabet’s name.

Time frame

The vehicle registration process takes approximately one or two working days.

Spain Taxation
VAT rate (IVA)

Generally VAT rate in Spain is 21%. Nevertheless, in the region of Canary Islands (IGIC) VAT can vary from 7% to 15%, depending on the vehicle. The city of Ceuta (IPSI) has VAT of 3% and the city of Melilla (IPSI) has VAT of 4%. These percentages are applied according to the rules imposed by Tax Authorities.

Other vehicle-related taxes and fees
  • Registration tax (Impuesto de matriculación)
    When registering a new car for the first time, a registration tax is due. The fiscal band varies according to the car’s CO2 emissions.

    Example: (depending of registration area)



    1st fiscal band

    ≤ 120 g


    2nd fiscal band

    121 g – 159 g


    3rd fiscal band

    160 g – 199 g


    4th fiscal band

    ≥ 200 g


  • Road tax (Impuesto de circulación)
    This tax is charged annually and is payable to the town hall where the vehicle is registered. The tax rate is based on the (fiscal HP). For example, road tax for a 320d is currently €129,00 in Madrid.

    Despite nationally set rates, local town halls may add a multiplying coefficient depending on the number of citizens in the municipality.
VAT deductibility and accounting

VAT deductibility for the lessee depends on the personal/business percentage of the use of the car. mileage driven. On average, 50% of VAT is deductible (though this may differ in each case).

Lease (rental) agreements are treated as operating expenses and accounted for in the profit and loss account.


A company car used for private purposes is considered a taxable salary in kind in Spain.
The calculation of the annual salary in kind is as follows:

(Acquisition cost of the car * 20% depreciation * % private use) * income tax rate

Regarding the percentage of private use, there is not a standard rule, and it ranges from 60% to 80% based on the car’s time availability for the employee based on recent Courts rulings.



BMW 320d  
Total vehicle price: €34.000,00
Annual depreciation: 20%
Private use: 60%
Sample income tax rate: 25%
Annual salary in kind:
(20% x €34.000,01 x 60%)
Annual income tax:
(€4.080,00 x 25%)

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