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Fleet Handbook Luxembourg

Alphabet operates in Luxembourg through its business cooperation partner Cartrust which is an active member of the Alphabet OneNet, global mobility network.

  • Full Operational Lease
  • Fleet Management
  • Sale and Leaseback
  • Motivational Lease
  • Light Commcercial Vehicles (LCV)
  • Long-Term Rental

Funding, service, maintenance and repairs, tyre management (incl. winter tyres), insurance, accident management, roadside assistance, relief vehicles, pre-runners, daily rentals, tax management, fine management, fuel management, fleet and mobility consultancy tools, management information, reporting, end-of-contract management and remarketing solutions, add-on mobility, retro-fitting service, mobility card, etc.

Terms for Operating Lease

Personal Cars

  • Minimum: 24 months/no minimum mileage
  • Maximum: 60 months/160.000 km (diesel); 160.000 km (petrol)


  • Minimum: 24 months/no minimum mileage
  • Maximum: 60 months/160.000km (diesel); 160.000km (petrol)
Terms for ‘Renting’ Lease

Personal Cars

  • Minimum: 24 months/no minimum mileage/ Customer buyback guaranteed
  • Maximum: 60 months/160.000 km (diesel); 160.000 km (petrol) / Customer buyback guaranteed


  • Minimum: 24 months/no minimum mileage / Customer buyback guaranteed
  • Maximum: 60 months/160.000km (diesel); 160.000km (petrol)/ Customer buyback guaranteed

The leasing company is the holder of the leased car and is responsible for its registration. Vehicles are thus registered in the name of a Luxembourgish Bank and Cartrust as a holder. All Luxembourgish residents who wish to drive a vehicle on Luxembourgish roads must register their vehicles in Luxembourg, even if the vehicle has already been registered abroad.

Transfer of title

Cars that are re-registered in Luxembourg are charged a small registration tax, even if the previous or initial owner already paid this tax, plus a yearly fiscal tax
A technical inspection is not required prior to re-registration. Cars that are currently registered abroad have to be re-registered in Belgium, if the owner wishes to use the car primarily in Luxembourg. This means the owner would also have to pay registration tax in Luxembourg plus the yearly fiscal tax.

Required documentation

To register a lease vehicle, Cartrust requires a ‘demand form for the registration of a vehicle’ (supplied by the snca),the vehicle invoice, the certificate of conformity and insurance.

Time frame

The vehicle registration process takes approximately 48-72 hours once all the documents are ready.

Goods and Services (GST) rate

The current VAT rate is 17%

Other vehicle-related taxes and fees

Registratiion tax of between 50 and 100 euros + fiscal tax which is based on Co2 and drive nature (gas, diesel or electric)

Tax refund and accounting




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