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Fleet Handbook Greece

Alphabet operates in Greece through its business cooperation partner Autohellas.

  • Operating Lease

  • Long-term Rental

  • Fleet Management

  • Sale and Leaseback

  • Motivational Lease

  • Hertz AdVantage (Leasing of Van)

  • Rent a Car

  • Rent a Van

  • Equipment rental (Long-term & Short-term)


Service, maintenance and repairs, tyre management, claims management, accident management, road assistance, replacement vehicle, pre-delivery vehicles, daily rentals, road tax,  fine management,  fleet consultancy, online reporting, pick up & delivery service, direct driver contact, 24/7 hotline.

Term and mileage for Operating Lease
  • Minimum: 12 months/10.000 km per annum
  • Maximum: 60 months/200.000 km total

All vehicles have to be registered to receive registration plates and documents. The leasing company is the owner of the leased vehicle and is responsible for its registration. The cost of registration depends on the type of the vehicle and is included in the monthly rate.

Required documentation

The following documents are required:

  • The vehicle invoice (which contains details such a model, chassis number, options, etc.) and is provided by the importer to the Lessor.
  • Manufacturer certificate of conformity provided by the importer to the Lessor
Time frame

Vehicle registration takes approximately one to two days for passenger cars and two to three days for LCVs once the vehicle and registration documents have been received from the importer.

VAT rate

The current VAT rate is 24%.

Car leases (operational), car hire and all services are classified as services and are therefore subject to Greek VAT when supplied by a Greek lessor to a Greek customer.

Other vehicle-related taxes and fees
  • Registration tax 
    Vehicles registered in Greece are subject to a one-off tax depending on the type of the car and is included in the final price.
  • Road tax
    All vehicles registered in Greece are subject to an annual road tax, whose calculation is based on the car's CO2 emissions. The road tax is calculated by multiplying corresponding coefficient with the CO2 emissions.
  • CO2 tax 
    At present there is no CO2 specific tax in Greece.
  • Vehicle preparation fee (PDI)
    A flat fee is billed for pre-delivery preparation of the vehicle. The manufacturer generally sets the cost of vehicle. The manufacturer generally sets the cost of vehicle preparation.
Tax refund and accounting

From a customer’s point of view, monthly lease payments are treated as operating expenses and are accounted for in the lessee’s profit and loss account. The lessor (leasing company) capitalizes the leased vehicles in its books, as the owner of the vehicles.


For cars that are used from the sales persons and the retail price before taxes is below € 12.000 there is no taxation. For benefit cars are subject to taxation (amount added to personal income) by the following matrix:

(The price of the car is the retail price before taxes.)

Below € 12.000 4%
From € 12.000 - € 17.000 7%
From € 17.000 - € 20.000 14%
From € 20.000 - € 25.000 18%
Above € 25.000 22%

For example, in case we a have a car with a retail price before taxes of €18.000, then the company should declare in driver’s tax declaration an additional € 3.240 as income.


Autohellas SA
Registered office: 31st Viltanioti Street
Post Code 14564
Athens - Greece


Phone: 0030 210 6264100


Latest update: July 2019