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Fleet Handbook Bulgaria

Alphabet operates in Bulgaria through its business cooperation partner Autohellas.

Spain Products
  • Long Term Rental
  • Operational Lease with Service Elements
  • Operational Lease
  • Fleet Management
  • Short Term Rental

Service, maintenance and repairs, tyre management, insurance, accident management, roadside assistance, replacement vehicles, car delivery management, fleet management, radio tax, registration services, fuel cards, rental services, pre-contract vehicles, reporting.

Term and mileage for Contract Hire
  • Minimum Term & Mileage: 12 months / 50 000 km highest mileage
  • Maximum Term & Mileage: 60 months / 250 000 km highest mileage

Cars in Bulgaria are registered in the name of the legal owner of the car. In case of leased vehicles, the Lessee company is listed in the registration documents as user of the car. Cost of registration of a car is 100, which is added to the investment value.

Required documentation

As Autotechnica is fully responsible for registration of the leased car, the customer should provide only signed and stamped declaration, which allows to be listed as user. The dealer provides the rest of required documents, and Autotechnica takes care of the whole registration process.

Time frame

After a dealer provides a full set of documents to Autotechnica, it usually takes from 5 up to 10 days to register the car.

VAT rate

The current VAT rate is 20%.


BMW 320d Sedan

Net list price €30.000,00
VAT €6.000,00
Registration tax €100,00


Other vehicle-related taxes and fees
  • Registration tax is €100.00, and it includes number plates, registration documents and Eco tax.
  • Road tax, the amount is related with h.p./kW of the vehicle as well as the euro norm that covers.
  • Vignette is mandatory for all motorways in Bulgaria.
  • No tax regulation regarding to CO2 emission.
Tax refund and accounting

Businesses will be able to choose from two options for deducting VAT: under the first model a business will be able to deduct % of VAT on a car used both for business and private purposes, regardless of the proportions of this division. Under the second model a business will be able to deduct 100% VAT. However, this second possibility involves a requirement to keep detailed records of vehicle mileage and to supply this information to the tax office.


Autotechnica Ltd.
53 Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd.
1000 Sofia


+359 2 4390225


Latest update: July 2019