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‘Driving your business’: Insights on the new campaign

Alphabet is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new marketing campaign. In today’s interview, Carsten Kwirandt, Head of Marketing and Business Development, shares his insights with me and all the readers of what shaped the campaign idea and how it reaches out to the target audiences.

Interview with Carsten Kwirandt, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Alphabet.
Interview with Carsten Kwirandt, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Alphabet.

Carsten, what’s behind the campaign’s idea, ‘You do what you do best. Alphabet takes care of your fleet.’?

Alphabet is a leading provider of Business Mobility in Europe and Australia and we see on a daily basis how each company has its own needs and areas of focus. Companies are challenged to convince others to buy in to their core activities to sustain and build their business.

But for a company to really concentrate on its core business, it cannot lose time focusing on necessities. Always taking care that the fleet keeps moving can cause stress and administrative burden. We at Alphabet help companies save time and money in this area by ensuring a corporate fleet that is well-equipped, excellently supported, helping employees reach meetings on time and making sure processes are efficient. That’s why leasing is not only interesting for CEOs and fleet managers of enterprises, but also for owners of medium-sized and small businesses. These range from the baker to the carpenter and the engineering firm, among many others.


What is the campaign’s main objective?

First and foremost, it reinforces our close relationship with clients. The materials address different target groups by adjusting the imagery, the tonality and the advertised offering to their specific context and needs.

Selected advertisement for enterprises
Selected advertisement for enterprises

The campaign always features the same image build-up: In the foreground we show a person at work. The background illustrates the industry or business the person is working in. This is really important, as their business is what counts for our clients and what is on their mind on a day-to-day basis. We use charismatic and authentic people appealing to the target group and show people who are obviously proud of and passionate about their business.

Our clients are not anonymous entrepreneurs to us. They are experts in what they are doing. We express this in the campaign headlines for example in the enterprise motif ‘You think about the sun the sky and the wind. We’ll take care of your fleet on the ground.’ This direct approach aims to reassure our clients about their success and about the fact that their work is what counts. To address our clients more directly, we speak to them on a first-name basis, which is common in many medium or small businesses.

By genuinely concentrating to individual needs, we can develop the right tailor-made mobility solution for every business. Whether it’s a large enterprise client or small and medium companies.

From sketchpad to final production
From sketchpad to final production

Why do the ads feature several cars?

According to the tagline ‘Driving your business’ we show cars and vans in our ads and banners to highlight Alphabet’s wide variety of makes and models. Especially small and medium businesses rely on light commercial vehicles as helpful companions in their daily business. Through our imagery prospects will clearly see that they are free to choose from a range of manufactures and car types.


The campaign is distributed in a multichannel way.
Tell us more.

Today, the internet is an essential part of everyday life, whether you access it on a computer or on a mobile device. At Alphabet, our aim is to approach drivers and fleet managers as well as owners of small or medium-sized business right where they are. And that place is increasingly online.

Online banner for medium-sized businesses with focus on vans
Online banner for medium-sized businesses with focus on vans

This is why we offer online tools, such as the AlphaGuide mobility app. Which, by the way, now includes Uber. It’s only logical to play out the campaign online in places like the Alphabet website, partner websites and in newsletters and social media.

However we are not only concentrating on the online world. We also want to reach out to people with the help of traditional media and with personal contact: This is why we also focus on print media and our presence at fleet events.


In which markets can the motifs be seen?

The campaign was developed in close cooperation with our colleagues in the markets. All of them have access to the campaign material and will localise it to reflect their country-specific requirements and their customer’s needs.

A special thanks to Carsten Kwirandt, Head of Marketing and Business Development, for his time and insight. Look out for the upcoming interview with Uwe Hildinger, Chief Sales Officer at Alphabet, shedding light on the campaign from the product and sales perspective.