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Sale and Leaseback unlocks financial and operational benefits

Our Sale and Leaseback solution can give your business the immediate financial advantage of releasing the value tied up in your owned vehicles.

By transferring ownership of a vehicle to us and leasing it right back, you also eliminate the risk of unexpected maintenance costs, while our experienced fleet management team can reduce the time you spend on admin (saving you money and stress).

What are the advantages of Sale and Leaseback?

Release cash value

Transferring your fleet to Alphabet can unlock funds tied up in your business' vehicles

Remove financial risks

When we buy your vehicles, we take on risks like unpredictable resale value or unexpected repair costs

Rely on our team

Take advantage of our experienced fleet management team, freeing you up to focus on your business

Reduce disruption

With Sale and Leaseback, you can transition into a Contract Hire agreement with minimal hassle

If Sale and Leaseback isn’t the right solution for you…

Contract Purchase

Get the tax and VAT benefits of leasing, and the option to buy your vehicle as your contract ends

Contract Hire

Get your business moving, without the hassle of vehicle maintenance and lost value

Finance Lease

Enjoy vehicles sitting on your balance sheet, with the tax benefits of Contract Hire

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