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Driver Risk Management can keep your fleet and drivers safe

Our Driver Risk Management solution is designed to reduce the risk of accidents occurring to your fleet through a structured strategy of driver checks and support.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to help improve driver safety and reduce fleet running costs, so you can rest assured you are fulfilling your business’s legal and duty of care responsibilities.

With an extensive service portfolio that ranges from licence checking, online assessments and e-learning training modules, to full-on road coaching, workshops, and bespoke driver days; we work closely with you to provide a solution for all your driver risk requirements.

Safer drivers lower costs

By reducing the risk to your fleet, you can avoid associated costs and potentially lower insurance premiums

Stays on top of legislation

Makes sure your fleet is compliant with current and anticipated legislation

Less admin

Our Driver Risk team takes care of everything, freeing up your time and attention

Replacement vehicles

We offer a suite of replacement vehicle solutions when your Alphabet vehicle is off the road

Keeps your drivers and fleet safe

Risk Management can increase the safety of your employees and the people around them, as well as reducing collision rates and vehicle abuse.

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