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Road Safety Week: we can all make a difference, says GEM

Road Safety Week: we can all make a difference, says GEM

Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging everyone to get involved in Road Safety Week (16 to 22 November).

The theme for Road Safety Week, organised by the road safety charity Brake, is ‘no need for speed’, something fully supported by GEM, with opportunities for everyone to reflect on how they use the roads, and what they can do to reduce risk.

GEM chief executive Neil Worth commented: “In a crash, just one mile an hour over the limit can mean the difference between life and death. With someone injured on a UK road every four minutes, and vehicle speed playing a part in every crash, the Brake team say it’s time to come together with the clear message that there is No Need to Speed.”

Choice of speed is so important on a road journey because of the potential consequences of going above the speed limit or too fast for the conditions, according to Neil Worth. “The higher the speed, the longer the stopping distance, the harder the crash and the greater the risk of death and injury,” he added.

“Brake’s No Need to Speed message is a reminder to everyone of how the speed they travel affects other people. Every time we’re on the road we need to consider what speed is appropriate to keep ourselves and others safe. Everyone knows that roads have speed limits, but we also need to ensure we understand what appropriate speed is, why we travel too fast, and what solutions there may be that can ensure people move at safe speeds.”

Wise up on safe speeds – GEM’s top tips

Make sure you always know the speed limit for the road you’re on. A quick look at speed limit information in the Highway Code is a great idea.

Don’t rush on a journey. Leave earlier and ensure you have plenty of time, with no reason to speed.

Keep a close eye out for speed limit signs, and watch for clues that the speed limit may soon be about to change. Why not call out the new speed limit as you drive past the signs.

Check your speedometer frequently so you always know your own speed. Expert drivers scan mirrors and speedometer systematically every few seconds, ensuring a glance down and around is part of a safe driving plan, not a distraction to it.

Always ask yourself: is my speed both legal and safe? After all, the speed limit is just that – a limit, not a target, and there will be circumstances when you will feel much safer driving below the limit.

Road Safety Week ( is co-ordinated by Brake and supported by a wide cross-section of employers and individuals. As a long-established and energetic road safety campaigning organisation, GEM Motoring Assist is pleased to play its part in raising awareness of road safety issues, not only among its 75,000 members but across the wider community.

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