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In its 25th anniversary year, Alphabet reports strong growth in eMobility sector for 2021

In its 25th anniversary year, Alphabet reports strong growth in eMobility sector for 2021

Leasing and mobility expert, Alphabet (GB), marks its 25th anniversary in the UK, as it looks back on a successful business year. Alphabet's total portfolio stabilised at around 700,000 vehicles, despite the ongoing semiconductor crisis, and order volume went up to nearly 250,000 vehicles in total, representing an increase of more than 18% compared to the previous year. 

This year, Alphabet turns 25 years old. Established in 1997 in the UK as a fleet management subsidiary of the BMW Group, it has evolved into a modern, innovative, and sustainable mobility provider. Its portfolio has developed rapidly over the years: from 100,000 vehicles on the road for its customers in 2005 and marking its position as one of the top five largest fleet providers worldwide in 2015, to today, with representation in 31 markets across Europe and Australia. 

Sustainability leading the way
Alphabet's current business figures indicate that the awareness and demand for sustainable, alternative fleets continued to increase in 2021, with its BEV/PHEV portfolio expanding to 46,000 vehicles. "Sustainability is our guiding principle for the future," says Markus Deusing, CEO Alphabet International. "The Business grew by around 77% in total compared to the previous year, reaching a peak in the field of xEVs. This year, Alphabet aims to further increase the electrified vehicle share of new business up to 30% and we will continue our mission of driving awareness and demand for sustainable, greener fleet options since this is of particular importance for achieving climate targets."

Alphabet has been electrifying fleets with AlphaElectric since 2013, positioning itself as industry leaders in electric vehicle adoption. It will continue to provide customers with comprehensive and detailed sustainability consulting to support CO2 targets and CO2 neutrality, along with continually innovating its electric and vehicle sharing related products and services.  

Digital solutions remain crucial
Early on, Alphabet recognised the potential of digitalisation and its crucial role in sustainability. As such, it was the first leasing provider to launch an app for their drivers, AlphaGuide, in 2010. This remains more important today than ever before, as the future of fleets will be determined by flexible, digital solutions that make customers' lives easier and more convenient. 

Your Mobility. Made easy.
Alphabet marked another important milestone last year, revealing its new brand image and brand focus. With the new corporate identity, Alphabet launched an increased commitment to sustainability and customer centricity which translates into its new brand promise: Your Mobility. Made easy.

To keep this promise, Alphabet will continue to innovate and expand digital products and services in 2022.  In the UK this will include the launch of more sophisticated fleet reporting, a full update of the AlphaGuide app, a new digital platform for employee schemes, and the foundations for a new self-service portal to simplify its customers' lives, offering one digital entry point for fleet decision-makers to online products & services. The future of mobility is economically and ecologically sustainable, digital, and flexible. With Alphabet as a reliable and innovative partner, companies can drive on their 'Road to Sustainability', to achieve future-oriented and sustainable mobility.

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