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DS Automobiles reveals more than a third of UK multi-car households are thinking about downsizing their fleet

DS Automobiles reveals more than a third of UK multi-car households are thinking about downsizing their fleet

More than a third of UK households say the Covid-19 pandemic has caused them to consider owning fewer vehicles, according to exclusive research by DS Automobiles. The findings come as the brand unveils an innovative new on-demand service, DS+, for customers who only need a second car occasionally - car ownership reinvented.

In a study of 2,000 UK households with access to more than one car, DS Automobiles found 36% say the pandemic has caused them to consider downsizing their fleet, with 23% stating they now have less need for multiple cars than before the pandemic. According to the Department for Transport, 35% of all households in the UK own two or more cars or vans*.

The research comes as DS Automobiles launches its new DS+ on-demand service, offering the chance to rent the use of a second DS model direct from the brand at your convenience. The service is open to new and existing customers, with current DS customers automatically receiving exclusive offers on their rental. The service is designed to help fill the gap when households and families need the convenience of an extra vehicle – be it for seeing friends and family or going on holidays – without the need to own a second car permanently**.

Jules Tilstone, Managing Director, DS Automobiles, said: “It’s no secret that mobility needs are rapidly changing and with DS+, we are anticipating and meeting these new demands. Our customers can buy the DS they want and access a second DS vehicle when they need it – making it the ideal service to use when needing an extra vehicle for holidays or for multi-car households who no longer need an additional car all of the time. We’re excited to be launching the premium service in the UK and look forward to sharing our growing model line-up with both new and existing customers in the coming months.”

DS Automobiles found 32% of households would consider becoming a single vehicle household if they could have frequent access to a second car when required. For many households, their second car is far less used, with DS’s research finding that even before the global Covid-19 pandemic, 29% of households would not drive their second or third vehicle for 2-3 weeks at a time.

Another consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic is an increase in remote working, with DS’s research revealing 27% of respondents believe they will continue to work from home 3-5 days per week, even after the stay-at-home rules lift, further reducing the need for a second vehicle in the future.

Access to a second vehicle on demand was also found to help increase electric vehicle uptake, with the research finding 43% of respondents stating they would be more inclined to buy an electric car if they knew they had access to a petrol or diesel model to tackle longer journeys.  

With 41% of UK households owning just one vehicle*, access to a second car on-demand will also help existing single-car households who may require a second vehicle from time to time.

DS+ gives new and current DS owners access to any DS model on an on-demand basis, ownership reinvented. Daily rental fees start from £48 per day and include comprehensive insurance and roadside cover. Vehicles can be collected from the nearest DS retailer, or customers can choose to have them delivered and collected to their home. New and existing customers are eligible for exclusive offers when using DS+ and can book vehicles, including the all-electric DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE and DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4 Plug-in Hybrid through a secure online platform that saves their preferences and details for ease of use in the future. **

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