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Sale and leaseback

offers new benefits

New benefits with existing fleet

With sale and leaseback, you decide to sell your existing fleet to Alphabet but retain rights of use via a lease agreement. This arrangement enables you to benefit from the advantages of leasing straight away. This provides you with more financial freedom for your core business, offering tax benefits and enabling you to save time, reduce risk and ease the burden on your balance sheet, an attractive feature for potential investors.

Straight away or step-by-step

With sale and leaseback you can sell your existing fleet at market value and switch to a leasing arrangement, either straight away or step-by-step. This will free up your capital resources and enable you to hand the task of fleet management over to Alphabet.

Guaranteed residual value

Outsourcing of risk

Alphabet acquires your vehicles for a market value defined in advance, and also guarantees residual values if agreed. This means that you no longer carry the risk of having to sell the vehicles at a lower price at the end of their service life.

Attractive service conditions

In principle, however, with the sale and leaseback option, the costs of maintenance, repair and tyres and the residual value are charged at actual cost (open-end lease). This means that, while your risk is not completely outsourced, you pay only for the services you actually use, and benefit from attractive terms offered by our network of partners.

If the vehicle’s service history is available, you will also receive a cost guarantee on tyres, maintenance and repair with this finance solution.

The best possible conditions

The benefits of sale and leaseback

  • Release of capital
  • Lease costs are tax deductible
  • No impact on equity ratio
  • Fixed monthly amount simplifies budget planning
  • Faster modernisation of fleet
  • Time savings
  • Risk reduction


We are happy to help!

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