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Frequently asked questions

Vehicle return/exchange

Where do I have to return my vehicle? 

The vehicle must always be returned to the delivery dealer upon termination of the agreement. If the place of delivery of your new vehicle is different from the place of return, you can leave the vehicle at the place of delivery of your new vehicle. 
Our employees will be happy to organise return transport. Any costs incurred for the return transport will be directly invoiced to you. 
Please contact your personal customer consultant should you have any questions about returns. 

What do I have to pay attention to when returning the vehicle?

In order to make the return of the vehicle as easy for you as possible, please return the vehicle in clean condition and with all vehicle-related documents. Please also note that any damage to the vehicle must be reported to the insurer because it will no longer be possible to submit claims to the insurer once the vehicle has been taken out of service. 

Informationen, sowie eine Checkliste zur Fahrzeugrückgabe sind im Downloadbereich der Alphabet Homepage abrufbar.

What happens if my new vehicle is delivered late?

If the delivery of your new vehicle is delayed unexpectedly, we will be happy to provide you with a replacement vehicle to bridge the time until delivery. 
If you already have a leased vehicle from Alphabet, you can tacitly extend the lease agreement by three months and thus bridge the time until delivery. 


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