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Your fleet needs to be insured. What are your options? Which factors do you need to consider? How much will it cost you? The expertise and know-how of Alphabet will help you to manage the insurance policies for your fleet both efficiently and carefully. 

Our quotes are inclusive of a comprehensive standard insurance package, comprising: 

  • Civil liability: covers physical injury and material damages to third parties and passengers, with the exception of damages suffered by the driver. 
  • Driver's insurance: covers physical injury to the driver. 
  • Legal expenses insurance (or legal aid): covers the costs of legal assistance in criminal defence cases and civil claims. This insurance covers the costs of handling a claim, as well as any solicitors' and process servers' fees. 
  • The claims management fee included in the personal excess covers the following types of claim: fire, theft and attempted theft, broken glass (windows only), forces of nature, collisions with wildlife, personal claims. The sum of the vehicle registration tax is also covered by the claims management fee. What is the benefit for you? In case of theft or total loss, the remaining balance of the vehicle registration tax will be paid by Alphabet. 

A car inclusive of insurance furthermore offers you numerous benefits: 

  • 1 point of contact: you no longer need to negotiate your insurance policies separately.
  • Worry-free administration: we manage any claims and collect the premiums and you no longer have to work with bonus/malus certificates.
  • Convenience for your drivers: they can visit the same address for all their needs.
  • We always guarantee you a competitive price, as we can spread the risk over the various components of the lease.
  • Our detailed reports on Fleet Agent provide you with clear insight. This allows you to respond quickly where necessary.