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Driver training

Want to let your drivers ride more economical with less risk of accidents? Do you want to them to master the technology of their new electric or hybrid vehicle in no time? Alphabet offers you a broad range of arrangements in four categories for an economical car park.

Eco-aware and safe driving conduct

An interactive workshop that teaches participants about the impact of their driving conduct. The participants are not only informed, but their awareness is also raised to adopt an environmentally responsible and safe driving mindset.

Eco-Pro Handover training course

Do you want to help your drivers get familiair with their new electric, hybrid or conventional car? Thanks to this training they master the technology of their car in no time.

Proactive driving proficiency training course

Defensive driving only has advantages: drivers have less risk of accidents and it translates into significant cost savings for your business. This training teaches drivers to actively apply their new found traffic awareness.

Integrated training project including follow-up

For drivers who would like to retake the training course at their own pace, we have put together an e-learning pack consisting of various modules.