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In case of breakdown or damage, you can contact Alphabet’s roadside assistance dispatch centre: 24/7 at +32 (0) 78 15 05 35.


For your car

What assistance will you receive?

You are eligible for assistance if your car becomes stranded due to a breakdown, accident, fire, theft or act of vandalism that renders the vehicle inoperative.

In Belgium

Is your vehicle covered and has it broken down by the road or at home? Alphabet Assistance will send a vehicle recovery technician to repair your car on-site, if possible. If it cannot be repaired on the spot, Alphabet Assistance will have the car towed. In that case we will provide you with a replacement car.


Has your car become immobilised at the roadside or at your place of residence in a foreign country due to an accident or mechanical defect? Alphabet will organise and pay for a breakdown technician to attempt to repair your car on-site or a carrier to tow the covered vehicle to the nearest dealer for the make. Alphabet will offer the most suitable solution based on the time required for the repair and whether you were on your way there, at your destination or heading home again. 

Replacement car 

You may make use of a replacement vehicle free of charge for a maximum of five consecutive days while your car is under repair (unless otherwise specified in the contract). Do you require a replacement vehicle for a longer period? If so, be sure to observe the regulations regarding maintenance and repair. If you have an Alphabet Fuel Pass, you can continue to use it for the replacement car.

Always report the return of your replacement car. To do so, contact our Short Term Rent department at

General terms and conditions

The services below are provided by VAB nv, which has its registered office at Pastoor Coplaan 100, 2070 Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

Alphabet Belgium bicycle

For your bicycle

When can I call on bicycle assistance?

  • Breakdown: any unforeseen defect in the bicycle
  • Accident: any collision at home or on public roads between the bicycle and a third party or a stationary or moving obstacle, or if the bicycle flips over.
  • Theft
  • Flat tyre

In the Benelux

If the bicycle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be taken to the nearest repair shop in the B2Bike network. You will be provided with transportation to your home or workplace.

Replacement parts for on-site repairs will be charged by the roadside assistance service at the time of repair (by debit card). If the bike is taken away, you can pay for these parts in the bicycle shop using your service pass or Alphabet’s maintenance budget.


In the event of immobilisation abroad (in countries listed on the green card) due to breakdown or an accident, our partner will transport you to your holiday residence. The cost of the repair and any replacement parts must be paid at the time of repair.

Alphabet Assistance