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Load your LCV while relying on Alphabet’s expertise

Laad uw LCV met de expertise van Alphabet

Alphabet supports its customers in what it says and what it does, both when it comes to fleet composition for passenger cars and where it concerns Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). LCVs require a different approach to passenger cars, but Alphabet has a suitable response to this matter on-hand. LCV Account Manager Olivier Roels tells us more.

You opt for custom advice, for Light Commercial Vehicles too. Where does this idea come from?

‘The LCV category is especially complex and that’s precisely why there are a large number of companies that require custom advice. In the first place this concerns fleet composition, but our role doesn’t stop there. During the next steps of the process as well, whether it concerns converting a vehicle or maintenance or contract expiration, Alphabet has provided support to its customers for years with its best advice. ‘

But doesn’t the customer actually know what he or she wants?

‘Often, with respect to the vehicle’s features and the requisite load capacity in terms of weight and volume, he or she does have a clear preference. However, he or she doesn’t always know what makes and models will satisfy that preference, and that’s where we come in. We mustn’t lose sight of the fact that most customers are very busy and aren’t interested in personally sifting through all the ranges. In addition, these ranges are usually incredibly complex.’ 

How does Alphabet maintain a consistent, clear overview of the range and all the options?

‘To do this, we have the prerequisite knowledge and experience in-house and, moreover, have access to a conveniently arranged LCV Classification Table. This consultancy tool offers a schematic overview of what the market has on offer. In addition, different criteria are taken into account, such as vehicle format, load capacity and, not insignificantly, the fuel type. Alternative drives are also an option for LCVs and, in some instances, the best one.

Where does Alphabet acquire the expertise to provide custom advice?

‘We have an LCV team of experts that is comprised of 11 members. Each of the team members is an expert in a specific aspect of LCV fleet management. Departments such as service, insurance and end of contract, etc. are all represented. We complement one another and in that way are able to develop uniform and comprehensive advice for any customer. And it’s here that we hope to make the difference too. ‘

It seems like there are several departments involved in this process.
‘That’s right, and it’s what’s needed too. Offering attractive LCV service provision immediately calls for a custom approach, and to this end we seek to rely on the best knowledge and to accumulate as much experience as possible. In this way we guarantee our customers that we at Alphabet have the best ability to support them in the fleet management of their LCVs.’

Is Alphabet also able to provide advice regarding the conversion and customisation of LCVs?

‘Yes. Alphabet works with a number of different companies for cases of conversion and customisation. We identify what the customer wants and bring him or her into contact with the right conversion specialist, or we provide the customer with a choice between several different options. The conversion can be as extensive as the customer has in mind: from the customisation of racks and cupboards, to workbenches, lettering or decaling.

 What happens at the end of the contract? That seems like a problematic aspect when it comes to LCVs.

‘Naturally, LCV vehicles require a different approach to wear and tear. It’s an issue of implementing a transparent policy, so that there are no unexpected surprises at the end of the contract. Moreover, the same principles that apply to passenger cars apply to LCVs: duration, mileage and damage assessment when a vehicle is taken out of service.

Would you like to know more about Alphabet’s expertise? Read more about it here or contact your Account Manager.

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