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Checklist: ready to be off on winter holiday?

Checklist: klaar om op wintervakantie te vertrekken?

Will you soon be departing for the mountains? Make sure that your car is ready for the unpredictability of winter. We briefly summarise everything you need to know before you depart.

1. Make your car winter-ready

  • Check the profile depth (min. 1.6 mm) and the tyre pressure. Increase the pressure by around 300 g if you are driving with a heavy load.
  • Check the oil level and the level of windscreen fluid. Top these up where needed.
  • Check to see whether it’s time to replace your windscreen wipers.
  • Clean the windows and the head, rear and indicator lamps.

2. You’re going on a ski holiday, so don’t forget to take the following along:

  • winter tyres and snow chains*
  • spray can with key defroster (Don’t store in the car!)
  • ice scraper and frost prevention windscreen cloth
  • extra windscreen fluid with anti-freeze
  • enough water and snacks
  • safety vests and a first aid kit
  • torch, warm clothing and a blanket in case of emergency
  • spare key

*Check for a summary of the specific rules for each winter sport destination.

3. Snow and ice on the road? Adjust your driving accordingly!

  • Take your time on departure Don’t give it too much gas all at once, because then your tyres will lose their grip. If necessary, switch your traction control off for just a bit.
  • Keep your distance In any case, on a wet or slippery road your braking distance is significantly longer.
  • Avoid sudden braking Do you still need to stop quickly? Pump the brakes without using ABS, disable all ABS.
  • Disengage the clutch in the event of gliding out Avoid obstacles and gently re-engage the clutch afterwards, while remaining focussed on the point you want to reach.

4. Tips for a smooth return journey

Will you be parking your car outdoors for an extended period during your skiing holiday? If so, it isn’t inconceivable that all kinds of components will freeze. This is how to avoid unpleasant surprises:

  1. Put your car in reverse or in first gear instead of using the handbrake.
  2. Wedge a piece of cardboard under the windscreen wipers or put them in raised position in case of frost, black ice or snowfall.
  3. Coat or grease the rubber seals of your doors with talcum powder or Vaseline, or apply a silicon spray.
  4. Lubricate your door locks ahead of time or spray them with lock spray.

Do you want to have peace of mind when driving toward a snowy destination?If so, before setting off, take your car in for a comprehensive winter inspection of the brakes, coolant, battery, heating and window heating, exhaust, shock absorbers and lights. Are you an Alphabet driver whose contract includes winter tyres? Make an appointment in good time to have your winter tyres mounted.

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