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Avoid traffic jams with your lease bicycle and or mobility card

Ontwijk de verkeersdrukte met uw leasefiets of mobiliteitskaart

Now that the new school year has gotten started, it’s become a lot busier on Belgian roads again. Would a lease bicycle provide you with a solution to avoid traffic jams at certain times of the day? Do you occasionally prefer to use public transport? No problem! By using AlphaFlex you can always combine both options with your lease car.

When you wake up in the morning the radio tells you the traffic along your commute is at a complete standstill. Does this sound familiar? Well, you no longer need to be stuck in that jam. With AlphaFlex, you are able to combine your lease car with a lease bicycle and/or a mobility card, which makes it easier for you to pay for public transport.

 Getting everyone underway

From city bikes to racing bikes, from folding bikes to e-bikes: with a lease bicycle you don’t just avoid traffic jams, you’re also contributing to a better environment, and what’s more, you’re no longer troubled by potential parking costs. Insurance, roadside assistance, repairs and maintenance are all included, so that you can ride onto the road, or better yet, the bicycle path without a care in the world.

Custom transport

Thanks to Alphabet’s advanced mobility solutions, it is also actually an option during certain period of the year and for a minimum of one working day, to opt for a roomier or more comfortable lease car in addition to your current lease car. And this with an unlimited number of kilometres! That could come in handy for a holiday, a business trip or moving house. Using Fleet Agent makes reserving ahead of time and keeping track of things incredibly simple. 

Would like more information?

Take a peek at: Alphaflex, Bicyles and Add-on Mobility.

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